softsoap dough

Softsoap Dough

Avery loves playing with play dough lately and I think it is fun to experiment with different types of play dough recipes with her and the kids in my class. That’s why when I got a couple of bottles of Softsoap Fresh & Glow sent to me, I was so excited to not only try it out myself (this stuff is awesome!) but see what else I could do with it!

softsoap dough

Of course I stashed one bottle for the shower, but the other bottle I thought I would make into a fun play dough with some cornstarch. At work I think I have tried mixing practically everything with cornstarch and it always yields such fun results, but none that smell as good as this one!

softsoap dough 2

I started with about 2 cups of cornstarch,

softsoap dough 3

and 1 cup of the Softsoap, but really the measurements aren’t too important because it is an ‘until it looks right’ kind of recipe. If it is dry, you add more of the Softsoap, if it is sticky, then you add more cornstarch.

softsoap dough 4

Before you start mixing you can also add some food coloring if you want a different shade.

softsoap dough 5

It takes some time to work it together, but once you do, you have a smooth, fabulous smelling dough that even leaves your hands soft when you are done!

softsoap dough 6

Thanks so much Softsoap for sending me these bottles!

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