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DIY Kids Jersey Names

We are in the midst of another soccer season! Avery had been asking for a while to be back in a soccer and watching her in practice, I am so glad I made it happen for her! She is loving it and the giggles while she runs and kicks the ball with her friends make […]

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DIY Soccer Bow

Soccer is back! I really sound more excited than I should because while it is fun, fall is hotter than … well it is just hot so those Saturday morning games can be rather brutal. But Avery is excited and to be honest, I don’t hate having soccer mom status for another season. As soon […]

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DIY Soccer Banner Tutorial

So, it is official, I am a soccer mom. I knew it would happen someday and you know what?? I could not be more excited- it is so fun!! Avery is doing great, and by that I mean following directions a good part of the time. She is only 3 after all. Naturally, as you […]

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