snack cone tutorial

Snack Cone Tutorial

When planning a kids party, or any party, I like to have continuity to the buffet. If it is mostly things that you can eat without the use of plates and utensils, I like for all of the items to follow along the same lines. That is why, when I wanted to have a harvest mix at our Halloween party, I wanted it to have it’s own container as well, and this is what I came up with:

Cute little snack cones that were cheap to make and very cute!
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First I started with my black card stock, I knew that I need to get the biggest half circle out of my half sheet of card stock as I could, so I looked around for something to trace and a salad bowl was perfect!
I cut them all out:
Then I grabbed one of my favorite things, my embossing kit- you buy it all separately but it lasts forever, there is the pad (that also comes with a bottle of re-inker), powders in various colors (I am using the white and red-orange today) and a heat gun (use a coupon for all of it and it won’t break the bank). 
To make my dots I grabbed a pencil and used the eraser. 
Then you add the powder and pour off the excess (that you will put back into the container- no waste people!)
I didn’t grab a picture of this step but then I used my heat gun to “melt” the powder, it happens quickly and you can see it happen- it is kinda cool to watch. Well if you are easily amused like me I suppose. 
Then I twisted them up and stapled the to hold them in place.
For the party I added them into a shallow vase and filled them with the harvest mix!
What is your favorite party tip?


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2 Responses to Snack Cone Tutorial

  1. Lindsay October 27, 2011 at 2:22 am #

    These are so creative! I love how fun & festive they look. Really cute!

  2. Ashley @ Joyful Creations October 27, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    FUN! I can’t wait to make some cone gifts for the ladies I work with. I was thinking about making the cones, filing them with goodies, and adding some ribbon to hang on their office door knobs. :)