simple spring science experiment

Simple Spring Science Experiment

Spring is coming and that means more of one of my favorite things: FLOWERS!!

Of course I have a favorite flower, but really, I like all flowers, but mostly affordable ones. Can you blame me? That is why when I saw white daisies on sale at the grocery store for $1.99, I had to grab up a couple of bundles to do one of my favorite science experiments of the year! I love the colored flowers and I knew that Avery would get a kick out of them as well!! Check it out!

simple spring science experiment

All you need is some white daisies (you could do this with celery too, but flowers are cuter), clear cups or jars, scissors, water and food coloring. First I put water in all the jars and then I let Avery squeeze in the food coloring to each one.

science experiment

Then we got to put the flowers in- our stems are long in the picture and this is before I realized they needed to be much shorter and trimmed them. You don’t want them to have to travel very far. The first picture is from Avery’s class because of course we had to pick up some flowers for them to do it too- they had stems even shorter than we did and were able to see the color change by the end of the school day.


Either way, I still love this picture of all the jars lined up!!

science 2What do you like about spring??

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