simple paper flower photo backdrop

Simple Paper Flower Photo Backdrop

I can’t believe that the school year is almost over! HOw in the world did everything go so fast?! It is already June and my daughter’s Kinder year is almost over- I will have to schedule in a good cry about that later. But we had Open House last week and Avery’s teacher talked to me about suggestions for a photo backdrop- you know I jumped right on that one! There were a lot of things due that day including bake sale items and a couple of other things and I needed to make sure it was simple enough that I could get it done and quick enough that I could put it together on my lunch break at work! Here is how it turned out!

In the end, I think that this has to be one of my favorite backdrops- and the quickest I have ever put together as well! You see, I had an hour break at work so I ran over to the school (luckily only a couple minutes away), grabbed some black butcher paper and went to work. The vision was two paper flower corners on black butcher paper to create a frame for everyone to take photos in, I knew the giant K would be there and planned to have it off to the left. I made that giant K for the first day of Kindergarten at the beginning of the year and you can check out that post HERE. As for the flowers, I made giant 6 petal flowers, 2 at 11.5 inches, 4 at 9 inches and 4 at 7 inches. Then I cut 2 pages of 4 inch basic leaves and from all the scraps I made as many  rolled paper flowers as I could.

Since those were already prepped, I just draped the butcher paper over the fence and hot glued it to itself and started placing the flowers, biggest to smallest, on each alternating corner to create a balanced look with the leaves being added last as a finishing touch. I love the colors and how it all came out, like LOVE!

It was super fun and all played off each other and especially with the fun sign that her teacher had that they were able to attach to an easel and have propped up nearby. So cute!

paper flower photo backdrop 4

That little cutie is getting so big!

I can’t wait to do a full wall of these big flowers, you will have to come back to check it out! Do you love paper flowers? Let me know in the comments below!

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