simple light summer dessert

Simple and Light Summer Dessert

One of my favorite thing about summer is the fabulous prices at the produce market. I know, I’m exciting but getting gorgeous and delicious produce for a super affordable price is pretty exciting to this mama! Because then I can make simple and light summer desserts like this one:

summer dessert

I love berries, like LOVE berries. All berries. One of my very favorite ways to have summer berries, next to just in a bowl, is with an angel food cake with fresh whipped cream. YUM. It is easy and light and perfect for you home or any party that you are going to whether it is at the park, on the beach or in the neighbors backyard. Plus it took no time to put together! First I put all the berries in the bowl after slicing the strawberries. I added just the smallest bit of sugar so a syrup would develop and then I popped that in the fridge.

summer dessert 2

The berries can be done up to a couple of hours ahead of time, but I waited until right before serving to make the whipped cream. All I did for this was throw one of the small containers of heavy whipping cream in my mixer bowl with the whisk attachment and 1/4-1/2 a cup of sugar. Do this to taste depending on how sweet you like it. I also judge this with how sweet the berries are as well. Then you just mix until stiff peaks.

summer dessert 3

Now, I made it really easy and just picked up this angel food cake at Vons. I have thought about making one, but then I saw The Pioneer Woman do it once and it just looked too involved. Plus they are seriously like $3, too affordable to make myself crazy in the kitchen. It is summer after all! All I had to do was put the angel food cake on a pedestal, add some berries, saving some for the top and then some whipped cream and a couple of the berries for garnish. That’s it!

summer dessert4

What is your favorite summer dessert??


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