signs you need a mommy break

Signs You Need a Mommy Break

As moms, we are notorious for working for everyone else and not taking as much time for ourselves. We really have to be mindful of this because if we breakdown, the who ecosystem of our families are at risk! Sounds dramatic but you  know it is more than a little bit true! I thought I would share a few signs you should watch out for that scream- take a break mommy! Also, I am sharing probably my new favorite way to do that! Check it out!

First, let’s see if you are in need of some mommy time, this certainly isn’t a requirement but a fun way to start!

mommy break

Now, I assume everyone now needs to make an appointment at the Amazing Lash Studio based on this fun little info graphic but if you haven’t heard of them, let me tell you! The Amazing Lash Studio specializes in eyelash extensions and this is my latest addiction! I went in last week and came out a believer! I took my friend Laurel to celebrate the end of the Girl Scout Cookie Season (she was our troop’s cookie mom) and we had a fun mommy only afternoon. They even give you a glass of champagne when you get there!

The whole process takes around an hour and a half to complete and there are private rooms with soft music and you could easily fall asleep- easily. Some friends asked me if it hurt and it did not at all, the technicians are placing extensions with pharmaceutical grade adhesive onto each individual lash. They are very gentle and know exactly what they are doing. Check out my before and after!

I went with the Gorgeous style, there are 4 to choose from, and basically they differ in length and shape. The Gorgeous are long from end to end where as the Sexy is longer on the outer side of the eye, Cute is longer in the middle and Natural varies in length based on the shape of your eye. My very favorite part of this whole process is that I don’t need ANY mascara! NONE! I love that! Here is the before and after of the friend that came with me.

These are so fun and I have never gotten so many compliments in my life! They are totally worth it and the $79.99 introductory offer going on now at the Amazing Lash Studio is worth every single penny! They even have memberships to make the touch ups more affordable! Make sure you tell them Michelle from Delicate Construction sent you!


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