shaving cream marble painted eggs

Shaving Cream Marble Painted Eggs

Avery had so much fun last weekend having Easter brunch with my parents, decorating eggs and going on an egg hunt. We decided to try something different with the eggs and totally love how they came out- check it out!

These are marble painted eggs using shaving cream and they came out so cool! I will say, the food coloring did stick much better on these paper mache eggs that are in the photos then they did to the hard boiled eggs. There was definitely still some color, but it was much lighter. I imagine if they were able to sit longer, they would have soaked in more color but the paper mache eggs were a lot of fun to do as well and Avery has been playing with them for days since! It all starts with a tray of shaving cream ( I would not use cookie sheets unless you line them with foil) and some food coloring. You just start placing dots of food coloring all around the shaving cream.

Once you have a few in colors that will mix nicely with each other, you can take a stick and start swirling them all together until you get a marble pattern that you like- as much or as little as you want!

Then take your egg, real or otherwise, and start rolling it through the shaving cream until it is fully covered.

Next, put them in a try to sit for a bit, I saved the egg tray from our Costco sized eggs and it was perfect to hold everything and I could throw it away!

Once they have sat, we did our egg hunt in between, we all took some paper towels and wiped off all the shaving cream. I have also heard that if you are concerned about shaving cream you can use whipped cream but we didn’t have any issues with cracked eggs and they don’t taste any different either.

What is your favorite way to decorate eggs? Let me know in the comments below!

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