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Scrabble Inspired Decor Blocks

There is no secret that, in this house, we are a Scrabble lovin’ people. I have made many scrabble inspired projects including pillows, wall decor, framed decor and a menu board. This time, I took it to the mantle with some Scrabble inspired decor blocks, what do you think?   They were super simple to […]

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 This isn’t a new idea, taking photos of your kids holding different letters but I just wanted to share the ones I grabbed of Avery this weekend. Being in the hospital most of last week meant I didn’t get to do the Father’s day extravaganza that I had planned, which sucked because my husband really […]

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Homemade Fabric Softner

At our house, I make a lot of things.  If I can’t make it, I coupon it, and if I can’t coupon it- um then we probably don’t have it.  While there are a ton of things I make, there are also some things I haven’t tried yet either, and they are all on a […]

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Handprint Ornaments

When I worked at the school districts I always loved making ornaments with the kids, working at the synagogue I don’t do it quite as often lol. I am very excited to have a beautiful daughter to now to do such crafts with =). I was so excited when I got out all of the […]

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Halloween Fun day 9- Making Ghosts

This was super quick and easy, I really think you could have even done it while waiting at the doctor’s office (I would do such a thing, but I acknowledge that I am slightly ridiculous at times lol). Here is what you need:Scrap FabricStyrofoam ballsWhite threadSharpie First I cut the fabric for the ghost, I […]

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