shape butterflies

Shape Butterflies

We did a fun math activity the other day at school that I was even able to modify for Avery, a young 3 year old. We made shape butteries where they had to recognize the number of each type of shape needed to decorate the butterfly.



I started with a simple butterfly shape, nothing fancy.



Then I cut out a bunch of shapes, I took one of each shape and put them on a blue strip of paper and added a number in the middle of each one. This is what each child would use to find out how many shapes they would need. I made each one different so that I could make them harder or easier as needed.



The kids had a great job counting the shapes and putting their butterflies together and they are adorable hanging in the classroom! This would be a fun project on contact paper or to make even a little more difficult, you could make all the numbers even and encourage them to make symmetrical butterflies. There are so many possibilities!


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