shanah tovah

Shanah Tovah

Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year and we had hubby’s family over to celebrate. We only found out about hosting yesterday so today after work I ran home (after stopping to pick up a few cute girl outfits for baby, yeah I couldn’t help myself, will post pics this weekend) to make vegan challah (considering I am not Jewish I think I pull it off quite well lol) and a dinner for hubby and I- brisket isn’t exactly vegan faire lol. Also I needed to put together a table but have not been shopping in a whhhiiiiilllle so I broke out the fall decorations box and got creative. I had a huge white banquet table drape and my plates were beige and the whole thing was looking very blah…. so I added the fall vines in the middle of the table and ran to my craft area to get a few corresponding pages of coardstocks to put under the plates for a little pop of color and I think it looked good for being done in about a half hour. The evening went well and oh goodness apples and agave necter (honey substitute) is sooooo good- YUM!


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