seder table 2015

Seder Table 2015

I had a lot of fun with the Seder table this year and I got the idea the night before. Naturally. I had all the usual suspects but I thought that it would be fun to create a visual of the first half of the Seder to go down the middle of the table. Not only was it cute, it was helpful for the many guests we had that are not familiar with Seders in general.

seder table 2015

It all started with the many paper images that I cut with my Cricut Explore- I was able to piece it together just using the subscription which was awesome! I don’t know what cardridge everything came from because I just used the search feature for things like “wine” or “water” and so on. Once everything was cut, I taped them to skewers and stuck them in cups I had spray painted gold and filled with floral foam from the dollar store.

seder table 2015 3

Once all the skewers were in place, all I did was use some kraft colored paper shreds on top and they were done!

seder table 2015 2

I placed them down the center of the table doing my best to get the order right and everything was ready! I added the Seder plate and all the traditional items that you need during the Seder and it was done! Ready for family and friends!

seder table 2015 4



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