seder 2016 blue white table decor

Seder 2016 Blue and White Table Decor

Happy Passover to all of my friends that celebrate! I am always excited to throw a party- always and especially a huge affair for family and friends. This year, my friend Laurel came up with the idea to do a friend’s Seder with the kids and it was quite the event to put together but I think the kids had a great time and enjoyed themselves which is always my goal. I had to work with the plates that my friend had which had a blue rim and this is what I came up with!

I have not ever done a blue and white theme for  a holiday which is funny as that is a very traditional color combo for a Jewish holiday for obvious reasons. But I embraced it and started with a couple of rolls of blue wrapping paper that had white stripes on one side. I put that down the table as my starting point.

On top of that were doilies, plates, napkins and bowls with the realistic plastic utensils on the side. I love those for when we do events because we never have enough for these parties of 20 or more and it is always easier than washing but you get the same look. Down the table I also added some elements that you see on many Seder tables, the romaine, parsley, grape juice, salt water and so on they are just all in either white bowls or mason jars to keep with the theme.

For the flowers I went with yellow daffodils because I loved the idea of a pop of yellow on this tablescape and daffodils were on sale 3 for $5, perfect! Flowers in a mason jar are really simple but they just always look amazing, it never disappoints!

There was also a kid’s table at this event and I wanted it to be similar yet a little bit different so I stuck with the same yellow flowers and style, but I gave them a bit of a brighter tablecloth and I love the way it came out! They ate at my friend’s square patio table and my regular tablecloth was actually a great sized runner so it was perfect!

I love that I went outside my normal style for the main table and I am really happy with they way it came out!

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