scrabble inspired decor blocks

Scrabble Inspired Decor Blocks

There is no secret that, in this house, we are a Scrabble lovin’ people.

I have made many scrabble inspired projects including pillows, wall decor, framed decor and a menu board.

This time, I took it to the mantle with some Scrabble inspired decor blocks, what do you think?

scrabble blocks


They were super simple to make. I just looked around in the garage for some wood, measured it and then cut it that tall, so that I would have a square. I sanded them and then I cut some letters from my Cricut (it is summer so I went with Beach but if I wanted to keep going with different words, I could just make additional blocks) and traced them onto the boards.

block collage

I was going to use my wood burner on the blocks but it was taking forever and then Avery woke up and I don’t like to have that thing anywhere near her so I tried a sharpie and it ended up working great!

block collage 2

It was so simple to put together and I paired it with some shells and my summer mantle is coming right along!

block collage 3

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