school lunch box ideas

School Lunch Box Ideas

Like many of you, my lunch making duties did not stop just because it was summer time. I still had to make at least 2 lunches most days plus my own but it was pretty much done in the fastest and laziest way possible. For whatever reason, however, once back to school hits I get re-motivated to break out the fun cookie cutters and fancy tooth picks. Things don’t stay all bento boxes and fairy sandwiches for long, but to get as much out of it while you can I am sharing  a bunch of fun school lunch ideas to get you started or keep you going! Check them out!

A+ School Lunches from Mom Endeavors

School Lunch Printable from Mama Papa Bubba

Awesome and Easy Lunches Fast from Foodlets

Quick, Healthy and Easy School Lunches from Sunshine and Hurricanes

Lunch Box Hacks from Sunshine and Hurricanes

Printable Lunch Box Menu from Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Sandwich on a Stick from Spaceships and Laser Beams

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Like Sandwiches from Childhood 101

Back to School Lunch Hacks from Sunny Day Family

Adding Variety to School Lunches from Mom Endeavors


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