samoas smores

Samoas S’mores

It is day 3 and I have another Girl Scout Cookie recipe to share with you all and it is another one of the favorites, it’s Samoas day! How does one make the already awesome Samoas even better? Why you turn them into s’mores of course! Check it out!

samoas smores

Plus this one is beyond easy, because easy is what I go for around here, and all you need is a marshmallow that is toasted to your desired color. For some that is barely flame kissed and for others, it needs to be completely burnt to a crisp. The part is up to you!

samoas smores 2

But once it is done, all you have to do is sandwich a second Samoa on the other side and you are done! Easy and delicious- you have to try this one!

samoas smores 3

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