rustic passover table setting

Rustic Passover Table Setting

It has been so busy lately! I can’t even believe it! It is so rare that I get time off, it is inevitable that it fills up quickly and I am busier than I am when I am working!

Today was full of some of my favorite domestic things; cooking, cleaning, hanging with Avery and getting ready for a party! It is the second night of Passover and Wade’s side of the family came over to dinner. 14 people this year for our yearly Seder.

Scott hung out with his respite worker for a bit today so, while Avery was napping, I was putting this table together in silence. No TV, no radio, no talking, no youtube, no wiggles, no miska-mouska Mickey Mouse.


It was very therapeutic. This is what I came up with.


I envisioned rustic with a burlap table cloth this year. It just made sense, I mean we were fleeing Egypt, it was all satin and rhinestones.

I got a small bouquet of flowers partly because it was cheaper, also because there is so much stuff that has to be on the table during a Seder, there isn’t much space left. I stuffed some orange slices in to carry the spring like colors throughout the table.

Here is the Seder plate with the bitter herb, green vegetable, charoset, shank bone, and roasted egg.

I added a couple of pitches of water with citrus because it is kind of a long story.The little white bowl in the middle is the salt water.

I had Avery paint some last minute matzoh covers (the Hebrew is upside down in this picture).

Water glasses were wrapped with twine from the dollar store and I added paper straws. Yay, it isn’t like they grabbed them before running out of Egypt, but I think those things are so cute! The napkins were just cheap lining fabric from the craft store and were put in the wine glasses.

There were haggadahs at each place setting, these are the story that we follow for the Seder, boys had kepahs at their place settings.

I made plague bags for the kids, there are 10 plagues  but I always leave out slaying of the first born. They are in no particular order in my description, but the rest of them are all there. The lice was salt in a taped bag, hail was the squishy vase filler from the dollar store, darkness is a blind fold, wild beasts are dinosaurs, plastic frogs, blood was food coloring in a double bag and taped, insects/locusts were plastic bugs, for boils I used stickers I colored red and cattle disease was a sheep I gave black spots to because I couldn’t find cows.

You get creative, it is an interesting process.

I also made last minute (as in with 2 hours until dinner) pillows for everyone to recline during the Seder.

All in all it was a great night and we had so much fun together!!

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  1. Dara March 28, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    happy passover to you!