rosh hashana table apple theme

Rosh Hashana Table {Apple Theme}

Hello all! Today is the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, so we got Wade’s family together for dinner last night and I thought that I would share the table pictures with you !

Here it was set up, but missing some pieces. 

Not just your traditional monkey bread here people, this is apple stuffed monkey bread, one of my crazy ideas that actually worked! I will tell you how I made it… soon.  :)

These gold balls are actually ornaments from the dollar store that I have in my fall decor box and put with pretty fall flowers in a mason jar is just perfect!

Here is the place setting, one of my favorite things is in the upper right of this picture… round raisin challah YUM!

Avery holding up her glass of grape juice for the blessing over the wine, I for sure took that and put it into plastic for the rest of the meal but it made for a cute picture.

And this is just a really cute picture Wade got of Scotty yesterday.


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