rose petal backdrop

Rose Petal Backdrop

I did another birthday party this last weekend (I have been doing a lot of them lately) and this one was a ballet party. But I did a fun backdrop that I ended up being really happy with that I thought I would share with you in it’s own post! It was super simple and I haven’t seen it before.


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I used rose petals from the dollar store, love these things! You get 300 in the pack for a dollar!!

You can’t be that as an affordable back drop, the most expensive part was the tape and that was only because I didn’t know this is what I was going to do with the petals when I bought them so I didn’t pick it up at the dollar store. If you do this, grab your tape at the dollar store and you will for sure do this whole backdrop for under $10.

First, I took a piece of tape and made it as long as my 6 foot table would allow. I put it sticky side up.


april 28 2913 004



Then I just started at one side and, with all the petals going the same direction, pot them on the tape so that they slightly overlapped.


april 28 2913 006


I did that all the way up and it pretty much covered all the tape so I could layer them without a problem while I worked on the next one. I made about 30 of these with petals left over from 4 bags, 2 of each color.


april 28 2913 007


Then I just started hanging them. Luckily, this was a house party so I was able to just staple gun them into the over hang. It was super simple, I also put some white plastic table cloth behind it just for a blank canvas behind the petals. I put the pink up first and then I put the white in between.


april 28 2913 008


After it was done, I put some sweet Ballet slippers in the middle and it was done! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the party!

april 28 2913 033

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