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Road Trip Essentials Car Kit for Kids!

Occasionally a nice company sponsors post on my blog so that I can continue to share fun new ideas, tips and crafts- and this is one of those posts. Thank you to Expressionery and check out the awesome giveaway at the bottom too!

Summer is time for vacations and sometimes those vacations are road trips! Now, road trips with kids are both stressful and memorable at the same time! But I am a firm believe that if you plan ahead, you can avoid a portion of the car based melt downs if you have a kit at their reach full of road trip essentials.

road trip car kit

I am going to break down my car kit for you, but first, I found a basket that fit between the car seats in my car- it is important that you do all this work and put this together into a basket that actually fits in your desired space in the car. It would be such a bummer to do all of this and then find out that it is too big for you car! But back to the kit, first up, the necessities or sustainability, or aka , the not fun stuff. For ours, this includes baby wipes, water bottles, tissues and some snacks. I like to pick hearty granola bars and some treats, you know the ones that you only pull out for car or airplane trips (or other occasions when you give sweet treats).

road trip car kit 2

Next, the truly sanity saving and fun part of the kit, the interactive activities! I start with a mason jar full of markers because they are pretty durable and it fit well in the space. Then I like to have a notepad and why not use these adorable stick family note pads from Expressionery??? Aren’t they fun and you can personalize them! I love that I can have the whole family on there! Also, they go above and beyond because they also have these fantastic note pads for Road Trip Bingo, the License Plate Game and Tic Tac Toe- how perfect can you get?! I can’t get enough and this is reason enough to go on a road trip, but truthfully, even a long car ride to somewhere like an hour away could be made much more peaceful with games like these.

road trip kit 3

After those things, I always like to pack some of the favorite books at the time because quiet time is a beautiful thing as well. You agree, right?!

road trip kit 4

Lastly, I want to instill this age old art of writing thank you cards in my child because I feel like it is an becoming endangered. Road trips are the perfect time to teach about random acts of kindness and writing thank you cards to brighten the day of the people we come across through the trip. Expressionery makes this easy with the same adorable stick family on a set of cards- and I love the little plastic case that has cards and envelopes so it is ready to go wherever we do! Plus, this is a double bonus because Avery can work on her writing as well, any excuse to practice fine motor skills!

road trip kit 5

There you go, a fabulous little kit that will take you anywhere! It is such a great feeling to be prepared!


road trip kit 6

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