recycle fundraiser display board

Recycle Fundraiser Display Board

I have another fundraiser idea for you! I hope you like these, I find as a parent on a volunteer committee it is always nice to find some new ideas of ways to raise money and this one is a good one!

At our school (we are in San Diego) we have an amazing relationship with One Earth recycling and they have a great fundraising idea! Currently, we are running a contest to see which class can raise the most money through recycling of plastic bottles and cans. It doesn’t get easier than that- right?! It is great for the school because it is a wonderful and easy ongoing fundraiser and it is even better for the parents because it is passive and not too intrusive on the pocket book. I find it incredibly easy to collect my cans and bottles and donate them to my daughter’s class and help out the school. If you are in San Diego you should contact the fabulous people over at One Earth, but if you are not in San Diego, it is a great idea to form a relationship with a recycling program in your area as well. Raising money for your kid’s school and doing a little some thing good for the earth ? WIN/WIN!

recycle fundraiser

Making this a contest just feeds on the competitive nature of many of us, so why not make a fun little board to keep track of everything? I worked with our One Earth Committee leader to come up with this cute little number and I thought I would share with you how we made it!

The mommy I was working with suggested using little recycling trucks so I cut a couple of those out on my Cricut and I thought since they were trucks, a little road scene would be fun. For that reason I grabbed a black foam core board, white ribbon and white velcro to put it all together. We have 3 classes competing so I made three roads that would fit our little trucks with the ribbon. I just used a hot glue gun to glue all this to the board. Next, to make the little tick marks down the middle of the road and serve as a way to fasten and move our trucks, I glued the softer side of the velcro in pieces down the middle of each road. Simple!

recycle fundraiser 2

After that we made little street signs to be the money markers and I wrote them on yellow/orange triangles and glued them to trimmed tooth picks that would then be attached to the board. We cut letters out as well for the top and were done! The trucks got laminated and labeled with the class numbers so that they would be a little more sturdy- they also got a piece of the rough velcro glued to the back of them.

recycle fundraiser 3
We also thought it would be helpful to have a total somewhere so I cut a larger freeway shaped sign and laminated it and added velcro so it could move around the board. Lastly, I cut out the same freeway shape, but a bit smaller, out of some dry erase vinyl scraps and attached it to the laminated piece- this way we could change the total and keep an easy tab on where we stand.

recycle fundraiser 4That is after only a couple of weeks and since my daughter’s class was lagging, I had to make up for it by bring in $25 worth of recycling this week!!

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