raspberry white chocolate challah

Raspberry & White Chocolate Challah

It is Monday so that sounds like a good enough reason to me to share another fun and yummy challah recipe, sound good? I mean, everyday is really a good day but that is beside the point. This one is seriously a new favorite and it was so easy! Check out my raspberry and white chocolate challah!

raspberry challah

I love that it was so easy to put together. I just started by making my standard challah recipe, if you would like to see mine click HERE.

raspberry challah 2

Then I grabbed some Crunchies which are delicious freeze dried fruit that are my new snack obsession, all the crunch and none of the guilt! I used raspberries but you could use blueberries, strawberries or your favorite flavor- they even make mixes!

raspberry challah 3

I threw in a whole bag of the freeze dried raspberries and then half a bag of white chocolate chips.

raspberry challah 4

I kneaded it together and then let it rise in a warm spot for about 45 minutes with either a towel or some plastic wrap on top.

raspberry challah 5

Lastly, I just had to braid and bake! I love a six strand lately, it always comes out so pretty!

raspberry challah 7

Doesn’t it come out looking delicious? And can you even imagine how good the french toast would be??

raspberry challah 9

Thanks so much to the people at Crunchies for sending me some freeze dried fruits to try! Check them out on social media!

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