quick junk drawer cleaning

Quick Junk Drawer Cleaning

We all have those drawers in our house that are labeled “junk drawers”. In theory we are only supposed to have one, but sometimes even ones that were meant to be for other items, turn into junk drawers. I blame little elves that come in the night and fill my drawers with stuff.

Or toddlers. Same thing.

Anyways, struggling to open and close drawers all the time, especially when I am in the kitchen and usually in a rush gets frustrating. So something had to be done. I want my home organized and I enjoy organizing… in small bursts. I don’t have a long attention span so generally loose interest on huge jobs like tackling a whole kitchen. Doing it a little at a time is the way to go for me.

This is why I came up with an idea that enabled me to clean out 3 drawers in under 10 minutes.

This idea works great for people who don’t have much time, enjoy trying to beat a clock, and have a junky drawer to tackle.

Everyone fits at least one of those, right?

Even if you aren’t able to fully clean the drawer in 3 minutes, I am sure you will end up finishing it much faster than you would have other wise.

And, let’s be honest, some mornings I know I have spent at least that much time trying to pry these drawers open and shove them closed.

Oh and I am showing you actual before pictures, I am keeping it real here people.

So here is how it works, you need a timer and a trash bag. I used the timer on my microwave and a grocery bag, I needed 2 for 3 drawers. No judging.

For the first round, I set the timer for 1 min 30 seconds.

During this time I am either taking stuff out of the drawer and putting it on the counter or throwing it away. No thinking, trash or not trash.

I found I just threw a lot of stuff away. Keep in mind if you didn’t even know it was there and weren’t looking for it, you don’t need it.

After that the drawer should be empty or close to it.

For the next minute and 30 seconds, you work to put only the stuff that should be in that drawer back in that drawer. Anything left over that doesn’t belong needs to find a new home.

After that, I had cleaner drawers!

The first drawer I pictured is for the pot holders and lunch making things like bags and sandwich cutters.

The second drawer is for baking/party and other random items like straws and such.

The third drawer was Avery’s drawer. This more had a purpose when she was younger and would go through drawers in the kitchen. I chose to give her a drawer for herself to give me a place to redirect her to when she was getting into things that were not safe. I didn’t even have to use the whole 3 minutes for this drawer because it was mostly toys, books, magazines and trash. I threw the trash away, put the toys and books away and left her animal magazines.

I hope you found this tip useful!!!

2 Responses to Quick Junk Drawer Cleaning

  1. ~Amy~ January 11, 2013 at 12:39 am #

    I should probably clean mine! I’m ashamed to say we have 5 ‘junk’ drawers in the kitchen! Ooops!

  2. Hilary January 11, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

    Thankfully I only have one junk drawer in the kitchen, but it is AWFUL! I definitely need to clean it out.