quick easy valentines day tradition

Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Tradition!

I am all for traditions, especially ones that are quick and easy so that I am sure I can commit to them year after year. One of our favorite Valentine’s day traditions is to do a ‘heart attack’ where we cut out hearts and right a bunch of things we love about the kids and then cover their door with them after they go to sleep the night before Valentine’s day. Then they get to wake up to a ‘heart attack’ on their doors. It is super fun and we have done it every year since Avery was born (obviously this will be the first year that she will really understand it, kind of exciting!). But what is great about it is that of course you could prep ahead, but every year, it is almost apart of the tradition to completely forget until the night before and do it on the spot before we go to bed, but because it is quick and easy- it isn’t a problem! Now, I have ANOTHER idea that is even quicker and easier, and it could transition to all holidays!

valentine's messages

Fun right?! This started in our house really over a year ago or maybe two- hubby and I would write little notes or compliments to each other on the mirror in our bathroom back and forth. Every so often, one would erase the message and write a new one and that went back and forth. One day they got cleaned off (probably in an OCD bathroom cleaning) and we haven’t done it in a while. I thought that Valentine’s day was the perfect time to start this back up again and why not with one of our favorite saying’s to each other!!!

bic magic marker 3

It is really a simple gesture but it is always fun to walk in the bathroom and see a sweet note from your spouse- and it is also fun to sneak in and write one without getting caught! This time I got to use the new BIC Magic Markers and I tell you what, I need these in every color! The nice people from BIC sent me the jumbo pink and a bullet tipped white and red marker to try out for this post, but my goodness, they write so smooth and are so bright- I hope I get the rest of the rainbow for Valentine’s day! Make sure you stop by Staples on your way home to grab a couple so that you are all ready to tag your mirrors after everyone goes to bed!

bic magic markerBIC Magic Marker brand Window Marker is a high-quality marking and drawing tool designed to adhere to glass surfaces, resulting in bold, vivid marks for window or glass writing occasions. BIC® Magic Marker® brand Window Marker are ACMI approved and non-toxic. It features a water-based ink that’s easy to clean with a wet cloth and provides vibrant color on both transparent and dark surfaces.

This year, I thought it would be a fun tradition to also bring the rest of the family in on the fun and I wrote a fun little message in the front bathroom as well. I am sure my daughter will get a kick out of it and even though Scott might just be annoyed that there is something on the mirror, I would like to think he would appreciate the effort… but the pink pancakes may be more his speed. Oh well ;).

bic magic marker 2

If you don’t grab the markers from Staples, which you should because they are only there until the end of February, you can always grab some at Staples.com!

What are your favorite Valentine’s traditions?!

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