quick easy photo transfer holiday sign

Quick & Easy Photo Transfer Holiday Sign

I am back! It has been a while since I have blogged and this time it was not for lack of creativity, but just plain old lack of time. Which is why Craft Lightening was the perfect day to come back! This craft is easily under 15 minutes, I guarantee that it took me longer to photograph this than to actually complete it! Plus, this is more of a method so you can of course use this to make any holiday sign you wish! But, not surprisingly, I went with a fun Hanukkah sign. Check it out!

All you need is some wax paper, a piece of wood (either plain wood or the unfinished versions from the craft store) and an image.

When it comes to the image, the main thing to remember is that if there are words, you will need to make sure that you mirror the image so that it prints correctly. You can download the image I used here —>hannukkah-printable I have already mirrored it in the document so you are ready to go! Once you have your image, all you need to do is trim your wax paper down to 8.5×11 and feed it carefully into your printer. My HP did a great job but of course every printer is different, make sure you babysit it the first time you try this just to make sure. It will also come out looking really light and you will probably think I am crazy, trust me on this one.

Once it is printed, center it on the wood, you can’t move it, it is one of those things you need to pretty much get right the first time but it isn’t too hard. Even just laying on the wood it looks darker than it did on it’s own. At this point, you just need an old gift card to smooth it out and press the ink into the wood and you are good to go!

Peel the wax paper back carefully so you can see if you transferred all the ink and you are done!

This really is that simple and probably my new favorite craft because it turns out great every time. I hope you like it and make sure you click on the Craft Lightening button below to check out even more holiday crafts that take less than 15 minutes to create!


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