quick easy mothers day craft

Quick & Easy Mother’s Day Craft

Hey y’all, Mother’s day is THIS WEEKEND and I have a fun, quick, and easy Mother’s Day craft that is simple enough for even the uncraftiest of dad’s to do with their children (or mommy’s to do with their friends children like I did in this post). It is super sweet and has one of my favorite things, children’s hand writing. I love the idea of having a number of different writing samples from Avery over the years, it is so fun to watch it change! Check out the adorable “I love you to pieces” craft!

This one is super simple and you probably have most of the materials on hand, here is what I used:

mother's day craft 2

  • Construction paper (one piece 9×12 and one 12×18 for each child)
  • Scotch Duct Tape in fun colors
  • Glue (I used hot glue to glue the heart to the paper, if you have the children do it use stick glue)
  • Markers for writing

First I cut out some simple hearts from my 9×12 piece of paper.

mothers day craft 3

Then I cut a whole lot of little strips of different colors of the Scotch Duct Tape and put them along the edge of a storage container lid. This is such a good trick for helping out little hands, even my little buddy will who just turned two, do tape projects on their own while still working on fine motor AND not ruining your table or other surfaces with lots of sticky tapes. My pet peeve is stickers and tape stuck to the floor or my table and this keeps it off of there all together, not off his sleeves as you can see but that is easy to remove. ?

mothers day craft 4

After they have covered their heart in little pieces of tape, I glued them in the middle of the larger piece of paper.

mothers day craft 5

The next step is dependent on your child’s writing ability. For Will, I just wrote the phrase “I love you to pieces! Love, Will” because he is 2 and not there yet. For Jayde who is a begining writer, I wrote out the phrase in yellow and then had her trace all the letters. She did really well at this and still gives them the satisfaction of writing on their own. Avery needed something just a little more challenging so I wrote the phrase on a different sheet of paper and then she copied the words onto her paper. I love each one and they all look great so just do what works for your child!

That’s it! Super cute and any Mom would love it!! I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!


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