quick easy chocolate covered cereal balls

Quick & Easy Quaker® Life Chocolate Covered Cereal Balls

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As moms, we all love to have quick and easy recipes for all the holidays that we can whip up with things that we have on hand and this is one of those recipes!  Who doesn’t have a variety of Quaker® cereals in their cupboard and any of them would be great for this recipe but I had to go with my favorite Cinnamon Quaker® Life, yum!

chocolate covered cereal balls

All you need for this is Quaker®Life cereal, a bag of marshmallows, some melting chocolate and a stick of butter or margarine. That is it!

chocolate covered cereal balls 2

Those are things that are in most of our homes and for sure things that I stock up on during the holidays, I make sure to grab bags of all of this every time I am at Walmart to make sure that I don’t run out when I need them!

choclate covered cereal balls 11

First things first, melt the butter and marshmallows in a pot on low to medium low heat.

choclate covered cereal balls 3

When it is first getting started, either spray a pan or line it with parchment paper, whatever is easiest!

choclate covered cereal balls 5

Once the marshmallows and butter are melted, add about 6 cups of the Quaker Life cereal in your favorite flavor- I love the cinnamon!

choclate covered cereal balls 4

Mix it all up and the put it in the pan to cool.

choclate covered cereal balls 6

Once the mixture has cooled- roll balls about the size of golf balls and set aside. I found that it was helpful to spray my hands with cooking spray to help with the stickiness.

choclate covered cereal balls 7

In a microwave safe bowl I melted the chocolate by putting it in for 30 seconds at a time, it usually takes 3-4 times until it is smooth.

choclate covered cereal balls

Then I just added the cereal balls in one at a time and rolled them around until they were covered. After that, onto a pan they went and into the freezer! You could leave them out but I am usually impatient when it comes to chocolate.

choclate covered cereal balls 9

Then, enjoy!

choclate covered cereal balls 8

Once that is cool, I just cut out simple dreidel shapes and added pretzel sticks for the handle on top. You can take icing and write the Hebrew letters on them as it is or you could go the extra step and dip the top in chocolate. It is the holidays after all!

And because I love you guys, how about a few more tips? Quaker® Life cereals are amazing because of how shelf stable they are, all I have to do is put them in a food storage bag and I can stash them everywhere to have in a pinch! As a mom this is very helpful and here are my top 5 places I keep Quaker® Life to make sure I have a bag ready whenever I need it!

chocolate covered cereal balls 10

What is your favorite holiday treat?

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