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10 Purse Essentials: From Zip Ties to Energy Shots

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There is no doubt that a woman’s purse is sacred. A wise man knows to ask before he enters and when permission is granted, to proceed with caution. I like to be prepared (that is mom speak for hoarding a lot of random stuff that comes in handy throughout the day) and there are a few things I can’t leave home without. That list includes everything from zip ties to energy shots.

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Let’s just go through a typical day, in this case we will go with Monday because why not just tackle the hardest day of the week?

5:30- Avery comes in my room “Mommy! I slept in my bed all night!”

Me: “Not quite, it is still night time” Then she proceeds to crawl over me, elbow me a couple of times along the way, and wedge herself between my husband and I until she wins out and I have to get up.

6:15 am- I have fought a good battle to stay asleep, but lost. I roll out of bed and go to the bathroom to put my contacts in and brush my teeth.

6:35 am- I sluggishly make my way to the kitchen, throw whatever I can find into the toaster and attempt to put together some semblance of a balanced lunch. All the while Avery is telling me about a dream that I can’t follow, it has something to do with dogs and a princess. The rest is a blur.

6:50 am- Scott wakes up, I brush his teeth and hair while he asks about breakfast. I pull whatever I shoved in the toaster out of the toaster and pair it with fruit and give it to them in front of something from the Disney channel. While they are occupied I can gather up outfits for both of them and myself.

7:15 am- Everyone is fed and dressed and it is time for Avery and I to leave, but not before I reward myself with half of a 5-hour ENERGY® shot. Normally I do a whole one, but these are extra strength so I usually start with half. I shove the other half in my purse for later.

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10:35 am- Snack time, kids in my class are having pancakes and I am trying to make healthier options, good thing I packed a protein bar.

12:29 pm- Kids are eating lunch and my phone’s battery is already getting low, I go into my purse and grab the second rate charger I use in just such occasions. Despite that I work at the same place my child is at and there are a million other phone options available, hyperventilating is not far behind a phone with a dead battery.

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1:15 pm- Break time! Of course I forget my own lunch so I go riffling through what is left of Avery’s lunch before I remembered the trail mix I picked up when I grabbed the 5-hour ENERGY® shots at CVS the day before. Life saver!

1:45 pm- I walk into the nap room to finish the day, it is dark and there are nature sounds on to keep the kids asleep. Before it has a chance to work on me, I grab the other half of my 5-hour ENERGY® shot and down that so I can be productive and work on lesson plans. I also charge my camera after a day of picture take and before an afternoon of blog photography.

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3:30 pm- Time to go! I pick up Avery, who after going through a day of school and nap time is looking just a little disheveled, especially her hair. Anything that I had done in the morning has completely disintegrated by now and her hair is down and in her face. I can’t have any of that, out comes the zip tie (these things have a thousand uses) and I trim it down with the scissors.  Seriously, I think these work better than hair ties sometimes. No, really.

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4:00 pm- We stop at the store to get a few things for dinner because, not surprisingly, the weekend was too busy (or too lazy) to accomplish grocery shopping. Avery starts dancing in the aisles to the music so naturally I bust out the video camera. Ever since I started the you tube channel, I love having this thing on hand to document anything that is adorable, you can never have too many recorded memories- ever. But, naturally, one must apply chapstick and make sure I am put together before going on camera… where is that other zip tie?

Mondays are never easy, especially when you not only have to keep up with your own family, let alone 4-5 additional toddlers as well. For this reason, I am grateful for those 5-hour ENERGY® shots! Plus, right now is the best time to buy them because at CVS you can pick up their 2 packs or their 6 packs for buy one get one 50% off! Got to love a deal, and the fact that they are only four calories and contain no carbs, sugar or herbal stimulants- that means no crash! They are a staple in my purse along with the rest of the starting line up including phone charger, camera charger, scissors, zip ties, protein bars, trail mix, gum, and chap stick.

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2 Responses to 10 Purse Essentials: From Zip Ties to Energy Shots

  1. Heather {Brie Brie Blooms} June 17, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    Wow, what a day! My Mondays look almost identical. My daughter attended school where I taught for the past few years too. Just because she’s at the same location as me, it doesn’t make it any easier to get there! #client

    • delicateconstructionbymichelle@gmail.com June 29, 2014 at 7:24 pm #

      So true!!