purple rose halloween wreath

Purple Rose Halloween Wreath

Halloween is coming! I didn’t plan on making a Halloween wreath this early, but when I was walking through the dollar store I saw these purple roses and couldn’t resist! This was an easy wreath to put together and I only needed the roses, a foam form and a hot glue gun. The best part? If you have any hot glue strings, they just add to the wreath since it is for Halloween! Or I would like to think so anyways…


I started by taking all the roses off the stems of the faux flowers, they pop right off so it is really easy.


Then I put hot glue all over the bottom and pressed the point into the foam and held it for a few seconds. I spaced them out throughout the whole wreath even if there are spaces.


Once all the roses are attached, I pulled off all the leaves and made a pile of those.


Then I filled in the wreath with the leaves and attached them in the same way I did the roses.


It is such a quick and easy wreath to put together and would be great to do while watching TV at night or with a group of friends, I bought about 10 of the stems and there were 5 roses on each set.


Do you like Halloween? Let me know your favorite part in the comments below!

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