pumpkin marshmallow pops

Pumpkin Marshmallow Pops

I love fall, and marshmallow pops, and pumpkin. So when I saw some giant pumpkin marshmallows, I knew I had to grab them to make some pumpkin marshmallow pops for Avery’s friends at school!

I couldn’t help myself, they are so much fun!

pumpkin marshmallow pops


They were quick and easy to make and it was a fun little treat for Avery to share with her friends at the tree!

I also picked up the candy melts that come in the tub at the store so all you have to do is throw them in the microwave. I usually get them in the bag and do the double boiler method which is super easy, but this may have just beat that! I threw them in for a couple minutes on half power, stirring ever 30 seconds or so and it was done! Then all I had to do was dip the marshmallow in and then into some fall colored sprinkles!

pumpkin pops 1

Since I wanted the stick in the bottom, I stuck them in before the chocolate hardened and then let them set for a bit. To be honest, I made them before I went to lunch with my mom and covered them with some freezer paper and bagged them when I got back! I just used some clear treat bags and grabbed some orange baker’s twine and tied them up.

pumpkin pops 2

It doesn’t get much quicker and easier than that!

pumpkin pops 3

What is your go to treat idea?

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