pta membership table ideas

PTA Membership Table Ideas

Among other things, I am the chair of the PTA Membership Drive and I have big goals. I am sure this isn’t surprising but I am trying to increase our numbers significantly from last year and I didn’t find a ton of stuff on Pinterest so I thought I would share what we are doing as we go in hopes to share ideas with others. Today was the Kinder Picnic and Orientation at our school and I set up a little table to give parents more information. The President of the PTA liked the idea of a “Ready, Set, Grow” theme another school did so I thought it would be fun to make a bright table with some cheering centerpieces and here is what they looked like!

I obviously have a favorite color palette, gem tones are my jam so I started with the extra teal tablecloth I had from my classroom design for this year. I followed that up with some fun tissue paper tassels which are so easy and addicting to make and strung them on a piece of ribbon. Over that I made a simple triangle banner with some yellow card stock and chipboard letters.

The little centerpieces that were on either side of the table where made with simple wooden vases that I found at Vons on sale for $3.99 and I put some foam in the bottom and filled it in with washi tape covered dowels. I couldn’t find my floral tape so I decided to go gold. The flowers are a simple multi-petaled flower from Cricut Design Space and I curled their edges with a dowel. I glued all those and the leaves with the writing onto to the top of the dowels. On one of the centerpieces I had it say “Ready, Set, Grow!” and on the other it said “Join PTA Today!” I thought they came out so cute!

pta membership 4

Also on the table were a couple of flyers and some PTA membership envelopes and a mason jar of pens. I thought it was a sweet little table and I had a smaller table where everything would have felt a little less empty but I think this was fine with a bit more space.

If you have any PTA tips to share, make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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