pretzel crisp crusted fish recipe

Pretzel Crisps Crusted Fish Recipe

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Every day is a new opportunity to figure out what is for dinner.

For some people, that is exciting, a blank canvas if you will.

For me, ‘what’s for dinner’ is certainly not one of my favorite questions. I enjoy cooking and like coming up with new ideas, but sometimes I just get so busy that by the time I remember dinner time is coming, I don’t have much time to put anything together- it cuts my options in half, at least.

That is why I am so excited for this quick and easy fish recipe I came up with using Pretzel Crisps. Now, in all honesty, this recipe uses the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Deli Style flavor BUT I also used the Garlic Parmesan Deli Style flavor on some chicken tenders and that was fabulous too. I think any flavor would work, it is just a basic recipe. But a delicious basic recipe- check it out->

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Right?! Ok so all I did was pop that whole bag of Pretzel Crisps into the food processor to make a crumb mixture. I only put half in a bowl to start because I can add more but I wanted to be able to save what I didn’t use for a future recipe, for my 3 filets of pollock (I don’t know a lot about fish but I knew I wanted a white fish and this was the most affordable when I was at the store) I ended up adding just a bit more to cover the last piece. Then I created a breading station with seasoned flour (with salt and pepper) and egg. Salt and pepper your filet pieces, then run them through the station (flour, egg, Pretzel Crisp). After they were all covered, I sauteed them in a tablespoon or so of olive oil for a couple of minutes on both sides and done! Pairing it with a salad was the perfect combination! Wade said it needed a tartar sauce so you can totally add that on the side as well.

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I loved it and even Avery was trying to steal some pieces! I hope you try it soon!

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