preschool art studio

Preschool Art Studio

I have been working on an preschool art studio/ classroom space for Avery for a while, and it is finally coming together!! We have an extra bedroom in our house that was my craft room at one time, it has been a play room at another time, a full of nothing important room yet another time… well, you get the point. It has been a lot of things, but nothing that has really stuck. When it was a playroom, I felt like it was still just a catch all for Avery’s toys. And not the little ones that needed to be organized, the big ones that didn’t leave that much room for her to actually play in the space. While it is an extra room, it is small and kind of awkward, so when I came up with the idea for making Avery an art studio, it was perfect! Plus it is as fun to put together as it is for Avery to play!

preschool art studio

The very first step was painting. I tried putting together the art studio when the room was dark and it was just not that inviting, here is a before picture.

preschool art studio 7

Eh, not great, And VERY dark. This color seemed like a good idea when we moved in, but the space is just not made for it. I knew I needed to paint, but here is the problem, I don’t tend to fully plan out painting, I usually, ok, every time, get a wild hair and want to do it spontaneously. Also, I never want the house to be chaos when Wade gets home so I have to get done quick. That is where my new favorite paint comes into play, I recently got to try the new line of Behr Marquee and I am a self proclaimed #BEHRliever (I totally made that up but I think it is cute). I knew I wanted to lighten up this dark and small space so I went with Creme de la Creme and I LOVE it! It is super light and made a much brighter and happier place out of this room.

preschool art studio

I always think painting is a great idea at first, but then it comes time for the second coat and I am just over it- BUT with Behr Marquee, you don’t have to worry about that, it is ONE COAT paint people. Yes, one. And I am talking painting a light color over a darker color and I still only needed one coat. Amazing, check it out:

preschool art studio 10

Just painting made such an impact that I couldn’t wait to get back in there to add all the extra pieces to the new space. First, of course there needs to be some shelving for self select art materials. I use what I can find so right now there are crayons, cut paper, paint samples, her own set of wash tape and of course a wide selection of paint. I painted the shelves purple for my craft room, but I wanted a more neutral base for her art studio so I added some shelf liner on top. The bonus there is it is no skid and fills in the spaces of the shelves.

preschool art studio 4

On the next wall, I have her easel and then a wall of wooden squares and what is great about these is they are like frames, but easily interchangeable. The dark chocolate brown on the light walls is perfect to frame artwork.

preschool art studio 5Plus they were easy and affordable to make! I just cut 1×2’s down to 4 equal pieces for each square and nailed them together with the nail gun. I made mine in a range from 10 inches to 16 inches square.

preschool art studio 3

On the next wall is her light table and another small space that right now is a small sand play area. Above this I hung two large branches from the backyard where I could hang photos and her beading projects. She loves to just string beads so this was a perfect way to display all of that. The natural materials really pop on the wall and let the art shine- perfect!

preschool art studio

In the middle of the room is a small table for working on whatever project strikes her fancy and on the last wall is a clothesline for art and then a mirror table. All this is was a mirror that was mounted on the wall, now laying on a box for a space to play and build with various blocks. She is quite enjoying this space!

preschool art studio 11

I love it! And to think it all started with one coat of paint!

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