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Popsicle Stick Charger

This is another one of those projects, you know the one, it is made from something completely random. In this case- popsicle sticks.  I am trying to de-clutter my craft area and that means I need to use up some of the extra materials I have lying around. In this case it was a small […]

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Bow Bouquet

One of my friends asked me to make her some bows for a friends baby and of course I was glad to help! I didn’t want to give them to her in a bag however, and that is when I remembered a cute little bouquet that someone made for my works silent auction one year. […]

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Made by Little Hands- Painted Popsicle Stick Snowflake

This is a fun one, I hot glued all these snowflakes together and then they were perfect for the 18 month class to paint and glitter today! Here is the super quick way I hot glued them together, step by step.  Make a big plus sign: And add two more popsicle sticks in the same […]

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