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Pop Art Painting with Crayola {#ColorfulCreations}


This has been one of those winters with record temperatures in all directions. Most of the US is being pounded with storm after storm and that all that time indoors can drive kids, and then their mamas, a little stir crazy! We love to make #ColorfulCreations regularly anyways- Avery has been painting since just a few months old, but especially when we are stuck inside! So today I wanted to share some fun projects to break of the monotony of being indoors and the first one is one of my very favorite projects ever! (A special thanks to #CollectiveBias too!)

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A couple of years ago I was a preschool art teacher and one of the series that I would do would be art in the style of great artists- I loved sharing different artists and their art with the kids and then making our own versions of some of their pieces. This project is inspired by Andy Warhol and pop art and this one always goes over well with young children because they love the pictures and bright colors. It takes a little bit of prep work but I had made it as easy as possible. First, a trip to Walmart- not hard because you can probably just grab everything on one of your regular trips there anyways, I know I did! For this project, I grabbed a 10 pack of the Crayola 10 count Washable Kids Paints that I LOVE, some Crayola School Glue and a 3 pack of canvas. I already had some brushes and transparencies at home, but if you didn’t, you could grab those here too.  Avery enjoys shopping for art supplies as much as she does using them!

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Then I had to create the pictures to be painted, I had taken pictures of all the kids in my daughter’s school for a fall fundraiser so that made it really easy. I opened up a word document, opened the picture and then cropped it down to be just the head. I then enlarged that big enough to fit four to the page and filtered it under ‘artist effects’ and ‘photocopy’. For me, it was the second to last one on the bottom.
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Once those are all ready, I just printed them onto the transparency, be careful as sometimes these can come out wet so it might need to dry for a bit so that it doesn’t smear. Then cut them down and arrange them on the canvas to make sure they fit. To make life  a little easier, I like to mark the top and the bottom so I don’t have to center when the paint is wet.

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Now it is time to paint! I let the girls (Avery and a couple of her friends) pick some colors of kids paint and put them in cups and added some school glue- this is a teacher trick when you want to have your paint to also be an adhesive, which we do in this case. As the kids painted the back of each of the four photos with one color of paint, I quickly put it on the canvas and then set them up with another picture and color. The important part here is to make sure that you have them paint the BACK of the picture. It just works much better this way.

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In the end, all I did was add a piece of black duct tape to the top and bottom for a border and it was done! I am so excited with the way these came out and my friend was pretty impressed with the artwork her daughters created as well!

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But this isn’t the end of this post- I still have one more project for you! This one is a cute little rainy day photo done with Crayola 96 count Crayons (a girl needs options) and Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. Don’t worry, I am not asking you to go outside because I know that for many of you, you can’t even find your sidewalk right now! This is all indoors!

First, I asked Avery to draw an umbrella with the crayons and then a picture of herself next to it holding the umbrella. We then drew some grass because we like making the lines… lots of lines!

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Next came the ‘rain’ which was the sidewalk chalk(always the best option because of how big they are)  in various lines all around the picture of her holding the umbrella. The fun of this part came with the tissue, she got to smear all the chalk lines to make it look really stormy in the picture- this might of been her favorite part!

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Unfortunately, she doesn’t press very hard, but she was very proud of her picture and wanted to make a sun on right away!

What do you do with your kids in the winter?! Check out some more great ideas from Crayola on Facebook and Pinterest!

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2 Responses to Pop Art Painting with Crayola {#ColorfulCreations}

  1. jenny at dapperhouse February 23, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    How fun! My kids love Andy Warhol art so this is going to be great to do with them!! #client

    • delicateconstructionbymichelle@gmail.com February 24, 2014 at 11:11 pm #

      It is one of those lucky projects that the kids enjoy and has a great outcome that the parents can show off- win/win!