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10 Fall Playdough Recipes

Let’s all just agree that Fall has some of the best scents. I have a warmer in my class and it is always full of cinnamon, pumpkin, ‘harvest’ or  some other wax cube with a distinct fall scent. One of the other teachers walked in yesterday and said “It smells like a craft store in […]

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Softsoap Dough

Avery loves playing with play dough lately and I think it is fun to experiment with different types of play dough recipes with her and the kids in my class. That’s why when I got a couple of bottles of Softsoap Fresh & Glow sent to me, I was so excited to not only try […]

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Glitter Rainbow Play Dough Party Favor

I shared Avery’s birthday party a couple of days ago and I can’t believe at the time I had not photographed her party favor! She had a rainbow My Little Pony party and I want to create a party favor that was fun and something the kids would really enjoy, nothing fits that bill better […]

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Made By Little Hands- Quick and Easy Hand Keepsakes

During baby class today (one of Avery and my favorite parts of the week) we were all playing with play dough when one of my friends, Heather, told us about how she uses the play dough to make prints of her children’s hands. She said she would just make the impression and then set it […]

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