pirate mermaid sibling party

Pirate & Mermaid Sibling Party

Over the weekend a helped a friend with her kids combined birthday party. It was a sister turning 5 and a brother turning 3 and the theme was pirate and mermaid, what a fun sibling party! Here I was I help her put together!

I had a lot of fun with the centerpieces, first there was the mermaid one :

And then there was the pirate one! Both were on gold chargers with ‘sand’ (brown sugar) and shells. I also put nets and such under them on the tables with additional shells on the mermaid table and gold doubloons on the pirate tables.

One one of the main tables there was this awesome moon sand type stuff in buckets with sand toys for the kids to play with, even the adults got in on the action because the stuff was that cool!

The favors the mommy had come up with, I just made the tags. I love her little treasure chest made from a foam ice chest that she had given out the invites in and I re-used it as a vessel for holding the party favors as well.

I made pirate themed tags and mermaid themed tags and they were basically the same, just different colors and a different picture. I used my Cricut Explore and the writing feature to put these together.

The actual favor was a little bucket with some small sand tools and, wait for it, red fish candy- YUM! The tag fit so well on the handle of the bucket, you would have thought I planned it!

There were lots of fun snacks on the buffet, but one of my favorites where the chocolate covered pretzel sticks- they were so pretty too!

The cake was pretty cool as well and I liked that it was a mix of both pirate and mermaid for both little ones!

It was a great party, and Avery especially liked her haul from the pinata! Look at how happy she is!

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