pickin up what she is puttin down wooden dolls

Pickin’ Up What She is Puttin’ Down- Wooden Dolls

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Becky from Rub Some Dirt On It came over for a guest post and shared and awesome tutorial for little wooden peg dolls and cups?!?!
Well I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to make them, I really did. I was thinking about them and thinking about them until I saved a few extra dollars and went and picked up all the stuff to make them.
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It was only $10 of supplies but summer is tight times in this house! You pick up 1 bag of the cups and 4 bags of the little dolls.I just used tempera paint I had because I wanted something non toxic for when she inevitable puts them in her mouth.
Then I had Avery help start the process for grins and giggles. I finished it because she has my attention span, only the baby version. 
I had taped off the heads so I didn’t have to worry about accidental painting.
 After they were all dry, I added white dots. This is what Becky did as well as Brandy from Gluesticks where she got the idea. I thought about trying to figure out something else but I really liked the polka dots.
After they are all dotted up and dry, all that was left was to add faces and hair. Now, I am going to be honest, I was running out the door and wanted to take these with us because new things occupy Avery longer than toys she is already familar with so I just used a brown Crayola marker.
Yeah, be prepared for it to get all over their face if they stick them in their mouth. I would go with the paint if you have time.
They all fit nicely into this salad bowl Avery confiscated and made her own.

Big thanks to Becky and Brandy!

One Response to Pickin’ Up What She is Puttin’ Down- Wooden Dolls

  1. Kara @ Mine for the Making July 14, 2011 at 4:41 am #

    What a cute matching game!! I will need to make this too. So clever. I love that you always have Avery help and that you aren’t afraid of messes. To be honest, I much better about messes because of your influence LOL!

    Way cute!

    PS- YOu have been pinning some FANTASTIC pins on Pinterest lately!! All of the back to school stuff is so awesome!