personalized water bottle

Personalized Water Bottle

Slowly but surely things are trickling in the mail for back to school. So far I have done all our shopping online except the school supply deals I pick up as I see them at Office Depot, Target and Walmart.  I have been shopping various places and one of the recent items that arrived was Avery’s water bottle. Now, these Thermos bottles are not cheap but Avery had her last one all of last year, ice stays ice for hours AND it doesn’t sweat on the desk so it is pretty much the perfect option. For whatever reason, this year Avery chose the plain purple large Thermos instead of the standard character version so here is what I did with it!

I couldn’t just let it be plain and I ran out of her labels so I thought I would break out the permanent vinyl and personalize her water bottle for her! I just typed her name into Design Space and welded on an additional little flourish to the ‘y’ and cut it out on some silver vinyl I had in my stash.

Next, I weeded out all the excess vinyl.

Then I added some contact paper.

And applied it to the clean surface of the bottle!

It only took about 10 minutes to do and I think that it came out so cute! You can pretty much add whatever you want but I love the look of the fancy name on the purple bottle and she is pretty thrilled with it as well!

Do you personalize any items for back to school? Let me know in the comments below!


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