personalized teacher aprons

Personalized Teacher Aprons

Recently at the preschool we got an infant program and the teachers in that program asked for aprons. Once they got them all the rest of them wanted them too because the pockets are just insanely helpful throughout the day! Once they came in, you know that I had to do something to them and I started with personalizing each one with our names!

personalized aprons

I was able to go into my stash and use scrap glitter heat transfer vinyl to do all of them which was even better and I believe that the director got the aprons for a great price from the Walmart website. First step in all my iron on projects is to iron the item so there is a flat surface for the vinyl to adhere to nicely.

personalized aprons 2

Then I added the names, these were done with my Cricut explore and you always have to remember to mirror the image!

personalized apron 3

I ironed it on right on the plastic and held it there until the plastic started curling up on it’s own. Then I pulled it off.

personalized aprons 3

I continued ironing it for about 30 more seconds once I had pulled the plastic off, just to make sure everything was stuck in place.

personalized aprons 4

It all came together pretty quickly which was good since I had so many to put together!

personalized aprons 5


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