patriotic picnic table

Patriotic Picnic Table

I hope you all have had a wonderful day and weekend!

Of course Memorial Day is MUCH more than BBQs and the start of summer, and I am grateful for all that this holiday honors. Wade’s dad is a Vet and since we had them over for dinner, I knew he would get a kick out of a patriotic table set up. Even if he would never say it out loud.

Here is what I came up with!


patriotic picnic table


I always enjoy creating tables with whatever I can find around the house, and after today’s organization (my husband would call it a hoarding intervention- po-tay-to/po-ta-to) I knew exactly what I had available!

I started with a red table cloth and some of these wicker paper plate holders. I wanted the feel of a picnic, plus using disposable stuff made clean up easier which was nice because I have been cleaning all day. I wrapped the plastic ware in a paper towel and wrapped some washi tape around it, I folded the washi tape on itself and only left an inch long flap of adhesive available to hold it on the napkin without attaching it and ripping the napkin. Finishing touch was of course, a mason jar wrapped in baker’s twine with a paper straw. Naturally.


patriotic four

For the center, I made some red, white and blue sweets. I started with the marshmallow pops because they are super simple, adorable and always easy. Avery helped me with these, she is so cute in a disheveled way! I had some colored candies that we separated the red and blue from and she put them on the tops for me.


patriotic one


Then we made some white chocolate covered strawberries with blue glitter on the ends, so cute and fun! I also put the mini muffin cups on my cupcake holder, but opened them up and put them on upside down so the colored side showed up, I think it worked quite well!


patriotic two


All in all, it was a great day and wonderful opportunity to spend time with family.


patriotic three


I hope you had a great day!


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