passover seder tables 2017

Passover Seder Tables 2017

One of my favorite parts of Passover is hosting a bunch of people… location is not important. In this post I am sharing both my Seder tablescapes and I am pretty thrilled with how both of them turned out. One was at my house for our family and the other is a joint venture my friend and I host at her house for all our friends. This year we had 50+ people making up a dozen or so families. Needless to say it was quite the endeavor but it was so fun nonetheless.

I will start with the table for my family’s Seder and it all circled around this pretty floral wrapping paper I found at the store. I love using wrapping paper because the possibilities are endless and it is a great way to change things up for less than the price of linens. Also at the store I grabbed some of this foil for cake plates I believe to become my table runner and you know I am thrilled when there is gold involved. Stumbling upon some cute milk jugs in the perfect color to match the wrapping paper filled with some white carnations, because they were on sale, was the cherry on top!

Everyone loved these matzah and chocolate place cards that were shared with me on Facebook so I had to do them for both parties. Plus they are a nice little snack before the long story that you must get through to eat dinner. Having white dinner plates and bowls is a huge advantage for parties because they always match everything. You can get great deals on these at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I scored a box of a dozen for only $15 this week! The Friend’s Seder, as we refer to it, had a similar set up but I had a teal wood grain wrapping paper for that table.

The greenery that is required for the Seder is a great way to add additional color to the table and instead of putting them on a plate, standing the romaine, parsley and green onions up in smaller mason jars gives another layer of interest. Of course we had a Seder plate on the table but having these, salt water and charoset at various points down the table is a great way to ensure all your guest have access to these foods when it is time to eat them.

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It was much brighter at the Friend’s Seder because with so many people we ate outside but it was a ton of fun! How do you decorate for Seder? Let me know in the comments below!




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