passover seder table

Passover Seder Table

Passover is one of my favorite holidays and part of that very well may be that I get to set a big, probably elaborate Seder Table for everyone to sit at for the story and dinner. I love when I get to put together a lot of pieces for the table with real plates, utensils, wine glasses and so on. It is not surprising that there are many parts to the Seder, a few extra necessities and a whole lot of symbolism!

seder table

I used to go bright and spring-y with Passover but, really, this isn’t exactly a bubble gums and rainbows type of story. It has a great ending but the beginning and the middle, well, not so many happy parts! That is when I decided a more rustic approach fit better but still could be done with a little flair. Burlap has been my go to for years, but this year I didn’t have any on hand and went with canvas drop cloth which worked just as well I think, especially with a gold runner!

seder table 4

There is something special about this runner though, normally a runner might get in the way a bit with all the extra jars, glasses and plates, so I opted to paint the runner right on the drop cloth and i get all the visual effect and none of the hassle! It was super simple too- I laid the tablecloth on the tables and then grabbed my Scotch Blue Painters Tape and taped off a stripe down the middle. I used the center crease to help me out with this. For me it was a whole lot of eyeballing.

seder table 6

Then, the normal person would take it outside to spray paint… not me. I sprayed it inside with all the windows open (and my husband not home) right on the table. They are drop cloth so I figured I didn’t have to worry about it going through seeing as how they are made to protect surfaces under them and  all. The drop cloth absorbed it super quick and I was able to pull the tape off a couple of minutes later!

seder table 7

First, I always start with plates and bowls. I don’t always do bowls but with Seder they are required because after the first half is over, we eat soup before the meal. Then I add the wine glasses, I even give the kids smaller wine glasses during Seder because I think it is fun for them to get to use them during the story and meal. Plus it all just looks nicer and a little fancier. After that we add a Hagadah on top of the bowls for everyone to follow along with during the story- these have been in the family for-ev-er. Each setting also gets a napkin that I placed under the bowl and then silverware.

seder table 2

Along the middle of the table there is a lot to fit in and we generally do two 6 foot tables for our 16 people. I put the Seder plate, Elijah cup and candle holders in the middle of the table (Avery made all of these at school this year). Then I place four carafes of grape juice, two small mason jars of salt water, 2 medium mason jars of charoset, two cake plates with matzah and two large mason jars with flowers down the center of the table. That pretty much fills it all up!

seder table 5Another thing we add are pillows on the chairs which is customary to encourage reclining. I always say that I am going to make a special set of pillows specifically for the Seder, and every year it sneaks up on me and I am not able to so this year we used a combination of pillows from all over the house and some small ones I made for the kids last year. It worked, but I am going to make them for sure next year… I hope!

seder table 3

That covers this year’s Seder table, so much fun and I can’t wait to decorate the next one! What is your favorite holiday to decorate a table for?


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