paper flower fall centerpiece

Paper Flower Fall Centerpiece

It is fall and in the past, this has been one of my favorite seasons to decorate for, but I just haven’t the past couple of years. I think I let life get to me a bit and just didn’t have the energy. Truth be told, I don’t have the energy this year either but I am going to push myself because I know I enjoy it and I always love the outcome. This post is proof. I love this paper flower centerpiece and how it looks on our dinner table, check it out!


It is really easy to put together, you can build your own box or buy one, I have tons of scrap wood so I built one in less than 10 minutes. Also, I didn’t measure anything for this box, I cut two longer pieces about 15 inches long (I stacked them and cut them at the same time with my saw) and then placed a piece in for the bottom and a piece for the side and just marked  how long the shorter pieces needed to be. This isn’t the most precise way to do it but it worked out! Once I had the smaller piece marked, I cut both at the same time so they would be the same length. In a perfect world, the bottom piece would be the same length as the sides, but it is all decorative, so when my piece of wood was a bit short, I didn’t mind at all because no one will be able to see it.


After everything was cut, I used my nail gun to quickly put it all together, that is probably one of my favorite tools next to my saw. Love it!


Next up, a coat of chalky finish paint, I love the charcoal gray color especially for fall.


When it came to the flowers, normally I would cut the paper myself with my Cricut, but I was gifted generously with a gift card recently so I thought I would try this fun pre-cut stack. It was so easy and nice for a quiet evening activity.


I also love how the flowers came out! Just a dowel to curl everything and a glue gun to put it all together!


Once all of them were put together, I went back to the box and placed some small mason jars filled with salt on each side and in the middle. In between those, I placed some small and medium Make It Fun foam balls to offer me a place to put the flowers.


Then I got to placing all the flowers! This was my favorite part because that is when it is started to come together!


All that was left in the end was to fill in with leaves and it was done!


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