paper flower centerpieces

Paper Flower Centerpieces

Occasionally I receive free product for review or crafting, but all ideas are my own :).

I always like to help out where I can, really I think it might be a volunteer compulsion more than anything. Even if I don’t have time, I end up agreeing to whatever is asked of me. This time I put together some centerpieces and was asked to use what I had on hand to make it affordable for the event- can you believe I put together 10 centerpieces for less than $10 in additional materials? I was pretty happy with that!

paper flower centerpieces

I went with a go to, paper flowers. You know I love these, especially if you follow me on instagram. They are just so quick and easy to cut and roll while watching my favorite shows that I love finding new ways to use them. I had seen centerpieces done with them before, but mostly with links to Etsy shops and not tutorials. I just kind of guessed at how to make them and I think it turned out great! I used a whole 48 count stack of DCWV’s Limoncello stack and got 4 flowers from each piece of paper. The papers worked great together and I think they will compliment the event quite nicely. As for how to make the flowers, I have created a video tutorial that you can check out below.

To make the stems, I got 18 inch pieces  of 20  gauge floral wire from the craft store. The 30 packs were $1.49 in the floral department and I picked up 3 packs for my 10 centerpieces. Then I used my wire cutters to cut each one in half, it doesn’t have to be measured or perfect at all, just eyeball it! Once they were all cut, I just took the top quarter inch and bent it at a 90 degree angle, like an “L”. Then I put a line of glue on the back of the flower and set the bent piece of the wire in the glue and held it until it cooled. It did take a bit of time to do all 180, but I think it is totally worth it.

paper flower centerpieces 2

For the vases, I grabbed all the clear glass containers I could find, I figured since everything else was uniform, the shape and size of the container could be varied. To tell you the truth, I really liked how the variation came out! I simply arranged the flowers in the vases, bent the outer flowers out a bit to be able to fit more in to create a more full look and then wrapped them in twine! I was surprised I didn’t have any but a good sized roll was only $2.99 right under where I got the floral wire. Fabulous!

paper flower centerpieces 3

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