paper crafted camera centerpieces

Paper Crafted Camera Centerpieces

There is no surprise at this point that I enjoy making things. That is the understatement of the century at best! Whenever there is an event at our Synagogue (or anywhere really) I generally volunteer myself to put something together for the centerpieces. Especially if I know that I have creative freedom. So when our annual membership appreciation day came up, and the theme was “in the picture” I had to come up with something fun! It was the perfect excuse to peruse one of my favorite sites every since I got my Cricut Explore, I am addicted! This isn’t even a sponsored post but I had to share these cameras I made for the event’s centerpieces! Check them out!

paper crafted camera centerpieces

They are so cute, am I right? I used all my favorite papers and mixed and matched them and they all came out great, everyone at the event loved them as well!

paper crafted camera centerpieces 3

The first one took at least an hour to put together while watching their instructional video, but after doing it once the other 15 were actually fun! I love these involved 3D pieces, they are like a puzzle for the crafter!

paper crafted camera centerpieces 2

Here is a sped up video of me putting one together, for a slower version you can find them on the SVGCuts website under each 3D set, they are super helpful and easy to follow.


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