paper bag wreath

Paper Bag Wreath

Another day, another wreath! Ok, maybe not really, but it seems like that sometimes! This one is made out of another material you can grab at the grocery store (which are some of my favorite kinds)- paper bags! I think I may need to do a round up of grocery store craft materials, there are so many and so near by!! Didn’t it come out cute?


Like most of my wreaths, I already had made my brown coffee filter wreath for my door so this one I needed a home outside my own. I hadn’t replaced a wreath on the door at the preschool recently so I thought this would be perfect! Because it has a fall feel, it can last the whole season, or until I make another one, whatever comes first.

This wreath was really easy to put together and only used a small portion of the pack of paper bags, so if this is something you had around the house already, it won’t put too big of a dent in your supply! First I cut off the bottom piece, then I cut down the middle to make two pieces and then down the middle again to create four pieces. They don’t need to be equal, just four pieces.

Then I crumpled them up and gave them a bit of a twist. As you go around, I found it was helpful to have some half pieces for the outside edge to keep things even.


Then I just added a line of glue, then a piece of the twisted paper bag and kept going all the way around the wreath until I was done!


It didn’t take too long but I love the way it came out!


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