paint chip mobile

Paint Chip Mobile

I had big plans today to bring my big camera so I could photograph all the great cloud projects my kids have been working on lately… but then I forgot it.

But, let’s be honest, the day after the time change, I am just lucky my shoes matched.

In the end, the project I ended up doing with the kids today turned out great! These are all cell phone photos, but these days, that isn’t a bad back up.

We made a mobile out of paint samples and I love how it came out. Really, I did this as a fine motor project, disguised as an art project (usually they go hand in hand anyways) because 3 year olds can always use for more pinching and small manipulateve projects.

I would have used a branch if I had one available, this recycled hanger from a carpet sample place worked just fine though! I tied 6 ribbons to the top, one of each color.

Then I found coordinating colored paint chips and put them in different little dishes. Each child got to match the color to the ribbon and do one row, or one of each color. So I guess that adds in some matching and one to one correspondance too. Even better!

The first piece went under the ribbon and they put a piece of tape on the top of the ribbon.

The second piece got two pieces of tape, one on either side, and then they put that on top of the first and folded the pieces of tape under to secure them together. This made it so it wouldn’t move on the ribbon and you could see color from both sides.

That was it! It was simple and effective and I think I could give them paint samples and ribbon to do this on their own, now that they have practiced the technique with one on one support!

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