organizational crafting

Organizational Crafting

In addition to the Rock and Roll Birthday party I did this weekend, I also had a private craft class! 2 ladies got together a group of friends and we got our craft on!

For these classes I try to work the crafts around projects they suggest or things that they mention, these ladies were telling me about some projects they have seen around that they have been meaning to do. It was perfect!

The first project was a magnet board, I chose to cover mine with paper but I had fabric there as well. The reasoning was that the fabric got the wrinkles out easier, but the paper was easier to work with and I was able to provide many more options for color and pattern. It is just attached with mod podge, super simple! I made the holes in the top for the ribbon with the fabulous crop-a-dile, that thing is awesome!

I did a variation of a chalkboard menu board last year HERE but since I got my mitre saw for my birthday, I have been having too much fun!! I cut a board, sanded it and then everyone got to paint a couple of coats of chalkboard paint. I had the vinyl pre-cut and it was easy to attach once the paint was dry. We added some eye hooks and ribbon to the top to hang and it was done!

Last was this sweet “lost socks” board the hostesses were raving about, I think I came pretty close to their description.  I cut and sanded the boards and everyone was able to choose their paint and add a couple of coats. The vinyl was added and clothespins hot glued into place. I just used hot glue to add the paper to the clothes pin, but mod podge is probably better.

I am glad it went so well! I can’t wait until the next class! 

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