one persons rock

One person’s rock…

Is another person’s pendant necklace!!
Yup, I went there. I got a rock out of my back yard and turned it into this:
Not too shabby huh?
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First go in your backyard and look for a rock. Not a boulder, not a pebble, but a nice size rock you wouldn’t mind rockin’ (lol) around your neck.
Then grab your trusty can of spray paint and spray paint the heck out of it!
See, silver rock.
Then grab your favorite color jewelery wire, about 20-22 gauge.
Then start wrapping it around the rock.
After you have finished, secure each side on the back.
Then grab a jump ring and one of those mini double-key-chain- lookin’ rings that I still haven’t figured out the name for and add those through the wire on whatever end you want to be the top of your pendant.
Then add a jump ring to the center of your chain and secure the pendant to the chain. You will also want to add your clasp of choice to each end of the chain.
And I forgot the last step- link it up to Kara’s Linky Party:

One Response to One person’s rock…

  1. Denise March 2, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    Love the necklace! And the colors rock! Now I can make something with the rocks my daughter keeps brining home!